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ZERN ENGINEERING selector is a unique tool that helps our customers not only easily calculate parameters of a given heat exchanger, but also to find another product you need based on the parameters you provide.
All data in the ZERN ENGINEERING selector is a result of hundreds of work hours spent by our specialists in the lab testing our products on the test benches.
Therefore, our customers may use with confidence the results obtained in the course of use of the selector tool when calculating technical specification for their project.


Counter-flow heat exchangers series HU-EX6 / HC-EX6 / Combi HC-EX6 are specifically designed for heat recovery in balanced ventilation systems.
A unique plates geometry designed by our engineers and leading edge manufacturing practices make heat exchangers of those series one of the best solution offered on the market

Heat recovery efficiency is up to 93%

Enthalpy heat exchangers series EC-EX6 is an ideal solution for utilization in an environment with increased humidity and high requirements in terms of hygiene. The main operating component is a high-technology membrane that is used for heat recovery of latent heat from the moisture vapour present in the air. Moreover, due to its microporous structure the membrane does not allow passing of particles of dust, dirt, odours, inert gases, viruses and microorganisms. These parameters are confirmed by official lab tests.


Plate heat exchangers series Нр-ЕХ4 are highly efficient heat exchangers that will be an excellent choice with the best parameters for concurrent systems.

Heat recovery efficiency is up to 80%

In our range of products a customer may find the following options for plates material:
- polymer;
- aluminium;
- aluminium with a membrane.


Rotary heat exchangers are heat exchangers with a rotating accumulating mass that constantly remains in an environment of two air flows: warm exhaust air and cold intake air. When rotating, the heat of exhaust air is transferred to the intake air through the rotor's walls.

Heat recovery efficiency is up to 85%

In our range of products we offer the following types of rotor heat exchangers:
- condensing;
- enthalpy;
- sorption;
- epoxy-coated.